Canvas Shots Printing – A Guideline To select Your Supplier

cheap canvas prints are already for hundreds of years a costly, unreachable solution for your wide majority of people. Oil portray portraits, spouse and children shots and landscape required the hiring of the artist to create a long-lasting prestigious memory.

The brand new electronic period has altered this. Digital images together with electronic printing revolution have created canvas photo accessible and inexpensive product or service.
At present, any one can pull out a photo from electronic digital camera or mobile phone and purchase a magnificent canvas print. A quick look for in Google creates loads of internet sites providing printing on canvas print. All internet sites give the exact same primary support but differentiate in certain factors:

Top quality (canvas & printer type)
Ease of use and the variety of features


The quality of a canvas image is determined by 2 major factors:

Canvas fabric excellent

There are many kinds of fabric. Traditional canvas that great artists used throughout history were usually created of a simple fabric (cotton or linen) coated with whitewash. These simple and cheap fabrics reflected the economic condition of the artists. The simple fact is that many famous artists could not afford anything else. This technique of creating canvas is unstable and extremely vulnerable to climate harms.

Today canvas is much more sustainable to climate harms. There are pure natural canvases, organic canvases and semi organic canvases, all characteristic with different kinds of qualities. The recommended and optimal image on canvas printing material is the semi organic canvas which preserves best the unique look of the classical canvas, together with the flexibility and durability of an enduring fabric. Other kinds of canvas might end after a short period of time with cracks on the coating material, or with a look that doesn’t preserve the classical canvas fabric.

Printers and ink excellent

Electronic printing revolution began 2 decades ago. The early ink jet plotters have made a huge change in many industries such as advertising, art reproductions and more. Only in the last 10 years or so, electronic printing revolution was designed accessible to the mass. Printers’ resolution has increased dramatically through the last years and the final word is yet to be said.

It is of high significance that your canvas photograph service provider will be up to date with new technologies, printing equipment and software. Cutting edge technology will ensure durable and high resolution canvas print.

High costs of ink drive many printing houses to use non original ink. All brand name printers (HP, Epson, Mimaki etc.) come with original inks that ensure accuracy of printing, true colors and durability.

There are 2 major kinds of ink that are used for canvas prints: water based called ‘dye’ and oil based called ‘solvent’. Both are suitable for image on canvas. Dye gives better colors and requires special varnish coating where solvent does not require varnish and considered more durable.

Ease of use and variety of features

Most pictures on canvas websites supply printing wizard. The process includes some essential steps:

Upload the file to the website – after uploading the photograph is presented on screen.

Determine desired size – the more advanced website use the aspect ratio and determine the final size after inputting desired height or width only. Other web-sites does not allow size in all aspect ratios, and force users to cut part of the picture.