Loan in banks: interests, requirements and how to activate

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On this page you will find a useful review regarding the Loan . This form of financing is offered by banks to its customers. Let’s see what interests we are going to pay based on the duration chosen. Finally the requirements for the request and how to activate the loans.

Loan : what it is and how it works

Loan : what it is and how it works

If you are looking for a small, fast loan, then a solution that is certainly right for you is Loan in your . This type of loan represents one of the Intesa Sanpaolo loans reserved for customers. This is a particular form of loan, which differs from classic personal loans. First of all, this is a loan for those interested in receiving a small sum of money. In particular, the maximum amount that can be requested is 5,000 euros . So far there is nothing special, but what differentiates the Loan in is the mode of request. As it is evoked by the name of the product, the particularity of this solution is to allow the customer to have a loan “in his ” and therefore always at hand .

The amount of money that we go to request when we request the activation of the Loan in will not be paid immediately. In fact, this amount will be the plafond at our disposal , that is, the sum of money that we can access through a small loan. This means that if, for example, we want to buy a 1,000-euro fridge, we can do it without any problems, just as if that money were on our account. At this point the ceiling will be reduced to 4,000 euros , which will be available to receive other mini-loans. Each loan of this type will be independent, and may also be required while we are reimbursing another . In this way we can face all the expenses we want, with the only constraint that the total amount received does not exceed 5,000 euros.

From time to time we will therefore be able to request new financing, and for each one we will be able to choose the repayment plan we prefer . As reported on the official website of banks, the duration that we can choose for each loan ranges from 12 months to 48 months . Once the reimbursement has been completed, our money reserve represented by the Loan will be increased by the amount reimbursed. It is good to specify that this increase takes place only at the end of the repayment, and is not increased to the payment of each installment. With regard to individual loans, it is always possible to choose early repayment , both total and partial. In this way, the reimbursement can be completed in less time than the expected duration and the initial ceiling can then be rebuilt first .

Requirements required to access Loan and Expected Interest

Based on the terms of the Loan of banks, it can be said that this is a very interesting solution. So let’s see who can request this useful reserve of money ready for use for any need. This form of financing is aimed at a rather large clientele, as the required requirements are not too restrictive. As always there will not be any kind of problem for employees with permanent contracts and for pensioners, who can present their paycheck or pension slip . To these are added all the self-employed, provided that the loan is used to cover expenses that are not related to their craft, commercial, entrepreneurial or professional. In this case the guarantee to be presented to the bank is the last tax return .

A separate discussion must be made for all employees with fixed-term contracts and atypical workers who do not provide particularly strong guarantees to the bank. Also in this case it is possible to access the Loan iof banks, even if as specified on the website it is necessary that the applicant has an account opened for at least 6 months at one of the banks . As regards employees with fixed-term contracts, there is also the restriction according to which the duration of each small loan can not exceed the residual duration of the employment contract. Finally, atypical workers must be able to demonstrate the gains made in the last period and provide adequate guarantees to the bank.

The requisites required, as we have already said, do not appear to be particularly restrictive for the Loans in Tasca of banks. But what are the economic conditions of the loans. The interest rates applied will be fixed at the time of the request for activation of the money reserve, and will remain constant for all the small loans that we will request even if there are changes in market rates. banks is continuously studying new promotions , so based on when you decide to make the loan application in the you will have more or less convenient interest rates. Currently, for example, a very interesting promotion is available, which includes a 6.90% Tan and a 7.15% Taeg . Among the aspects that make this product particularly interesting are the fact that the stamp duty for the signing of the contract is fully borne by the bank, also the costs of preliminary investigation are completely free and for the payment of the installments there is no commission .