Loan is the solution for financial bottlenecks?

Uncategorized / Monday, February 25th, 2019


The reasons why you may need a microcredit are many and the problem comes with traditional banking “has closed the tap” and the few people who grant it, they have to present countless documents, so is just going to Require requirements to give you the loan.

The loan are aimed at people who need to approve requests for money quickly and agile.

To the new clients the maximum limit that they approve is of 300 euros and to the recurrent clients they lend up to 1000 euros.

As a way to make themselves known to people, they are currently promoting the campaign: The first loan is free, no commissions or fees are paid.

Other lenders that have the same promotion are and .

The form can be completed using the pc with internet connection or from the mobile phone (smartphone)


How does the comparator work?

  1. The first you access to its official website
  2. You indicate the amount of money you need and the return period. (New clients up to 300 euros, recurring clients up to 1000 euros)
  3. You fill in a small questionnaire, with information such as name, surname, mobile, etc.
  4. Once completed the screens that will appear will give you to send
  5. With the data you have entered, searches in your database which are the most advantageous loans for you , and makes you an offer
  6. Accept the proposal and in a few minutes you will have the money in your current account (Remember that this time can be delayed a few hours if your bank and yours are not coincident, it is the issue of banking rules of transfers that applies in Spain)

Advantages of loans 

  • With a single application you access the best offer among the lenders in the Spanish market who offer personal loans.
  • If you are a recurring customer and have a good financial history (you have returned the previous correctly) they send you the money in minutes.
  • If you are a new client, you only have to return the principal (the amount of money they gave you, not another euro)
  • You ask for it from your home, without waiting for long queues or traveling
  • They will not ask you for an explanation of your reasons for requesting the loan