Loan: Up to 600 euros in 15 minutes

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How to apply for a loan ?

To ask for a loan you only have to enter your web page here , you indicate the amount of money you need and the time period for its return and the system will automatically show you the corresponding fees. Then you click on “request” and on the next screen you fill in the form with the information requested (basic). In just about 15 minutes, the people in charge of Loan will send you an SMS with the proposal of the loan.

Among the things that I like most are the ones that already on the initial screen tell you the fees that they will charge you for the concession of the online micro loan, which for me is a very important fact in your favor.

process on loan 10

Why request a fast online loan?

  • Why is it a clear and transparent company
  • Because the request is made online in just minutes
  • Because there is no need to submit payrolls or endorsements
  • Because you do not have to explain what you want the money for
  • Because you can ask them from 50 to 600 euros (300 if you are a new client)
  • Because the request for information is free


Answer to your online loan request

Loan will answer your money request with an SMS, to which you will have to confirm the acceptance of the proposal and then they will make the transfer to the bank account that you have indicated.

Depending on if your bank is the same one they work with, the money will arrive immediately, surely your money will take a few hours to arrive.

Loan : Money back

It can be done in two ways:

  • By means of a bank transfer to one of the accounts with which the entity works
  • Through entry through a window

Whether you do it in one way or another, do not forget in the concept of income fill in your name and in the absence of your ID or mobile number so they know which customer has returned the microloan.

Loan : Your requirements

  • Be a Spanish resident or have papers in order
  • Be between 21 and 65 years old
  • Have a bank account to transfer the requested money
  • Provide a contact mobile phone and a mail account
  • Not be included in the lists of defaulters