Loan with delegation without TFR: what to know

Uncategorized / Sunday, March 31st, 2019

Do you need new financing? The loan can be the solution. This type of loan supports the assignment of the fifth and is regulated by Article 1269 of the Civil Code. The repayment installments account for another fifth of the salary. In this post we talk about the loan with delegation without TFR .

Who can apply for the loan and how it works

They can request a loan or double-fifth:

  • All state employees and a large part of civil servants (for civil servants, depends heavily on bank and ATC agreements)
  • Private employees with a permanent contract

The loan with is a type of personal loan, not finalized, with a fixed rate and constant rate. A complementary form of loan that is flanked by the assignment of the fifth and can be repaid in the same way, by deduction from the salary. The main requirements to access it are seniority and the possession of a good severance pay.

Those who request it are not bound to allocate the loan to a specific purpose. The important thing is that the sum between the assignment and the delegation does not exceed 40% of the salary (even if there is the possibility, for example through foreclosure or other forms of deductions, to reach 50% of the salary). It is also possible to pay off the loan early, with the recovery of the interest not accrued. In the event of dismissal, the issuing body reserves the right to withhold the accrued severance pay and to reformulate the amortization conditions of the residual debt.

Loan without TFR

Loan without TFR

If you already have a fifth sale in progress and you wish to obtain additional liquidity, you can rely on the loan , even without TFR.

Here are the features to access it:

  • Permanent contract with State, Public companies, affiliated with State Bodies, Private Companies (subject to company valuation).
  • Working for a company: spa, srl or large scarl, with at least 16 employees.
  • Recruitment for at least 6 months.
  • Having a lower age than the retirement age established by law .
  • Not all private companies accept the delegation: this type of product is granted at the discretion of the administration of the company where you work.

The documents required to request it are, as for the transfer of the fifth : identity card, tax code, the last two pay slips, the last CUD in possession and the contract of the loan in the payroll already present.

The loan without severance pay is addressed to employees who have already tied the severance pay for a transfer of the fifth (or this is not sufficient). However, you must always ask for confirmation of the operation to the company where you work, which has the right to reject your request.

Employees are excluded:

  • with a work training contract,
  • in layoff or mobility,
  • in expectation or maternity,
  • in sickness or accident,
  • with disciplinary suspensions charged.

Furthermore, any guarantees to be presented to the financing institution could include, in the event of termination of the employment relationship and inability of the TFR, also the amounts due from pension institutions.