Loan with instant confirmation

Uncategorized / Thursday, April 18th, 2019


The consumer often receives invoices that are unexpected. For example, these could come from a repair that was not scheduled. Here, fast action is required, because unpaid bills often attract dunning fees and in the worst case, a bailiff.

So it is important, especially in such times, when the budget does not allow to obtain a remark-free loan with immediate approval. Many do not want to burden the remark, because every negative entry means that the creditworthiness is reduced. Others, however, already have such entries and are dependent on a remark-free loan with immediate approval. This is awarded under certain conditions, which the customer must meet.

Where can the instant loan be taken?

Since it is a remark-free loan with immediate approval, the consumer often has no other choice than to turn to a foreign bank. German banks always get the entries of remark when a loan is requested. Since this often means that a loan application is rejected, more and more opt for a remark free loan with immediate commitment from abroad. This is mediated by a credit intermediary working with banks abroad. The credit intermediary checks the client’s paperwork and documentation before soliciting offers. In the first place, the documents required always include proof that a regular income is available.

The income may not fall below the exemption amount, because then the salary can no longer hedge the loan. In addition, it is important for the consumer to learn that he can only avail himself of the credit if his employment is not temporary, he is of age and registered in Germany. Only then does it meet all the requirements that banks demand for a remark-free loan with immediate approval.

How is the loan paid out?

How is the loan paid out?

If the bank has audited all documents that have been requested and a loan is closed, the bank usually transfers the money very quickly. For this purpose, the loan amount is either transferred to the checking account or the customer receives a crossed check by mail upon request. The credit installments, as in Germany, have to be paid punctually every month. Often, a standing order is set up for this so that the money is automatically debited from the customer’s account.

The customer must in any case comply with the repayment of the monthly installments. As soon as there is a delay in payment, it can quickly lead to a garnishment. So before a conversation with the bank should be sought, which can put some installments on ice, so it does not come to a wage garnishment. There are no additional costs and hassles that would otherwise arise.